Omar Naré

Certainly, there is no one quite like Omar Naré. Born in Sanger, California, his vogue sound is a smart mix of Mariachi and Sophista-Pop influences. “People say they’ve never heard Mariachi like my Mariachi,” says the rising star. “I got rid of the trumpets because 100 years ago there were no trumpets in this music. Also, I grew up listening to Sade and Sting. They taught me how to write cultured pop music. That blend is who I am. I’m being myself.”

No stranger to success, Omar Naré started singing professionally at age 12. By 15, his self-titled debut sold 5000 copies from California to Arizona and caught the attention of Grammy-Award winning producer Christian de Walden. Within months, Omar was in Torino, Italy working as an apprentice composer and producer. “It was the education of a lifetime. That’s where I learned how to write a song that could resonate around the world.”

A natural born storyteller, Omar Naré’s material comes directly from his experiences. In his song “La Mentira,” for instance, Omar explores growing up religious: “Que voy a hacer? Creo la mentira / Sé que puedo derrumbar el campeón / Él no sabe mi secreto más profundo / Me entrené con los ángeles de dios.” Another track, “Es El Amor,” provocatively describes the feelings of first love. “Es el amor /Se extiende arriba y abajo / A todo mi cuerpo / Es el amor / Invade mi ser y no puedo volver / No soy lo mismo.”

It’s easy to understand why De Walden didn’t want to let Naré slip away. “I was going to sign with Sony Music Latin but it didn’t feel right. They wanted the next Ricky Martin but that wasn’t me so I walked away.” After spending time in Paris and living in Texas, Omar traveled back to California where he met his wife, and started a Rock band. “I needed to know that I hadn’t made the wrong choice.” Success came quickly and soon Omar’s band Distrito Torre was playing alongside Paulina Rubio, Belanova and Ely Guerra. Naré was also honored by the Mexican Consulate and invited to sing at their bicentennial celebration.

In 2014, Omar helped produce a Flamenco Pop show called KOMPAZ with Manuel Gutierrez for actress Eva Longoria and Verizon Wireless. A 25-person cast at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, the show was a huge success. “I was at Eva’s house for a Flamenco afterparty. I grabbed a guitar and started singing Mariachi songs. She got excited! She told me ‘That’s what makes you special.’ I was startled. Then soon after, I spoke to my friend Noe from Mexico City. He told me that Mariachi was dead for the youth in Mexico. It all came together so suddenly. I knew at that moment what I had to do.”

In 2015, Omar Naré created Nuevo Mariachi show “DOS MUNDOS.” After 15 years of exploration, Omar had finally found himself. The juxtaposition of traditional and modern is at the heart of the project. “I want to redefine what Mariachi means. I hope people get the whole idea of it, from the ballads to the up-tempo songs. I hope they appreciate the musicality, but more than that, I hope to make fans of the genre from a whole new generation.”