VIVO – A Chicano Performance

VIVO is a jolt to the senses. Handcrafted by violinist Patrick  Contreras, choreographer Jasmín la Carís, and guitarist Omar Naré, VIVO exists at the intersection of modern and traditional. 

Mixing performance art, mariachi, modern violin, rock, and acoustic, the trio tells a familiar story in a truly soul-shaking way, evocative of the Mexican-American identity and California’s unmatched culture.

Each of the performers come from a different background but share a similar history. A Fresno native, Contreras learned to play violin in school and has used his music to pave an unparalleled path, crafting a blend of hip-hop, mariachi, rock, jazz, electronic, and classical. A Fresno favorite in his own right, Contreras has wowed audiences with his original music and stellar interpretations of rock royalty.

As a choreographer and artistic director, Jasmín la Carís has become a guiding force in the Fresno dance community. Her impactful visual performances include Literary Movements, the first full-scale theatrical production in the historic ballroom at The Grand, and Pas de Peinture, a sold-out work exploring the symbiotic relationship of color and dance.

Naré’s unique take on the mariachi genre mixes his upbringing in Sanger with a pop sensibility, inspired by the likes of Sade and Sting. He began singing professionally at the age of 12. By 15, his debut album had sold 5,000 copies. In the years since, he’s worked with Grammy Award-winning producers, helped develop KOMPAZ, 25-person flamenco pop production, and created Nuevo Mariachi, music 15 years in the making, exploring his redefinition of the mariachi style.